How to Select Your Favorites for your ordering meeting or for your album/book.



Step 1. Create a Client Account

CLICK HERE to create your own client account. By creating a client account with my site, it makes it so that you can access your selection of favorites from any computer and even come back to finish making your selection at a later time. You can just sign into your account. Otherwise, that's a lot of images to go through in one sitting. 

Step 2. Select your favorites for your print order or to be used in your album/book.

Access your galleries from the CLIENT ACCESS page. If you forgot your access code, you can shoot me an email. Once you can see your photos, click "Select Photos" and hover over the images to select your favorites.  Then you can add these to your favorites by clicking "Add to Favorites" at the top.  You can also right click and select add to favorites.

*Don't forget to store you favorites!!!  You can do this in more than one sitting if you like, but remember to STORE your favorites after each sitting (top left corner of the site).

Step 3. Share your favorites with me.

When you have selected all your favorites, go to the top left corner of the site (while logged in) and click on the Favorites Menu. Then click "Send to..." to share your favorites with me (the photographer). You can add any instructions for me in that message field (e.g. portrait or landscape orientation, black background instead of white, which image you want on the cover, etc.). Once I receive your selected favorites, I can start laying out your order session or album/book. If I am creating your album/book I will share the rough draft pages with you so you can share your input and any changes you want before it goes to print.


If you are unsure about an image, include it and we can decide if its the best option when we meet.  It is always best to have more favorites than not enough!